Conquering the impossible: how the most complex organizations nail ACA reporting

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We know you’ve heard it all before. Everyone claims they will tell you “how to successfully complete ACA reporting.” Only, they just throw mind-numbing statistics at you instead. That’s not our style. We’re going to tell you how the most complex companies, like University of North Carolina (UNC), were able to actually do it, because let’s face it – big, small, new or old, the ACA is affecting all businesses in some fashion.

View this powerful discussion as Jeff Yaniga, Chief Revenue Officer of Maestro Health, covers the most common ACA roadblocks, and hear from an employer firsthand as Brian Usischon, Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources Services at UNC, shares his story of conquering ACA roadblocks – including the need to learn their obligations and choose a path on tight deadlines, tackling a complex employee population and consolidating data from multiple institutions using systems built prior to the ACA.

We’ll cover:
  • What you have to KNOW now—ACA roadblocks and real-life ways to overcome them.
  • What you have to DO now—You know…so you’re not pulling all-nighters trying to gather the right data.
  • What complex organizations, like UNC, wish they knew then and are glad they know now.
  • What UNC did to help them nail the ACA reporting deadline.
  • What’s to come for 2016 & 2017 ACA reporting guidelines. (Here’s a hint: there’s brand new forms for next year…and codes!)

Featured Presenters:

Brian Usischon
Senior Associate VP for Human Resources Services
University of North Carolina
Jeff Yaniga
Chief Revenue Officer
Maestro Health
Laura Couger
Manager, ACA Services
Maestro Health

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